Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New coat

Listen up: this is amazing. After 10 years (or maybe 11?) of wearing the same parka, I bought a new winter coat this weekend. I had to: I got my boa stuck in the zipper and in attempting to remove it, the zipper broke. It still works, except for a 1/4" gap about 3 inches above my navel. Not really enough of a reason to shop, except that, DAMMIT, it's been a decade!

So, imagine this coat in a soft gray:'Cept my hood is still attached.

The sleeves are extremely neato: tricot lined and warm and soft. I even have a "pass pocket" which is funny since I don't ski. But if I decide to start in the next few years (decade?), I'm set. [but points-off for using the term 'neato' right?]

Oddly, however, the boa is nearly the color of the coat in this picture, maybe slightly more in the cranberry family.

Is it becoming clearer that I have no life? Or maybe, that I spent two almost-totally unproductive hours on a teleconference again today and needed something to burn the 'mental checkout' time besides Sudoku?

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