Saturday, February 18, 2006

Penguins are always fun

Only a few people will understand why I feel this is the perfect picture for today.

You're the people I worry most about. ;-)

I'm leaving for home shortly.

The current temperature is 2 (above 0; -17C), but the wind-chill brings it down to -14 (-26C), according to this site.

Thank God I don't have to dress a small person for this weather. It takes forever, and then you have a penguin in pink (or blue). It's bad enough having to collect gloves, hat, scarf, keys, and bag. Invariably I forget to dig out the car keys (impossible with gloves on) or get my scarf caught in the zipper of my coat, or forge the hat till I'm outside and have to scrabble through my bag with the wind blowing and the car keys in one hand....

It's a mess.

Penguins. Slippers. Going home now.

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