Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nothing to say

The excitement of the last three days is...nonexistent.

Here are the highlights:
  • We bought paint for the dining room Sunday, and Beast moved most of the crap out of the room, except the big furniture. The carpet...ick. We need to move stuff more often, or get rid of things!
  • Finally remembered to call the school about Sparky's school pictures. After more phone calls, including a call directly to the photography studio, we have ascertained that somewhere between our house and the studio, his order disappeared. It's not in his locker: I braved middle school kids yesterday and went through his stuff. It wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. But we didn't find the check, either.
  • Beast had to go out of town suddenly for work yesterday on an overnight tech trip. He's in Louisville today, hoping to get home tonight.
  • We had a too-long meeting yesterday morning about the guys' grant. I'm sick to death of this thing.
  • Yesterday's workday consisted of the following:
    Created new form for damaged material
    Email / Bloglines / Listserves (caught up!)
    Worked on Fiction list (changing our cutter numbers so they are consistent)
    Fiction list
    New list of male patrons for [Guys' Grant coordinator]
    Worked two hours at service desks
    In other words, a complete bust, a waste of a day. Never put my headphones on.
  • Today I'm hoping to get the computer games we bought (with Guys' Grant $$) cataloged.
I have to say that there seems to be a lot of this going around. Must be late February; everyone has crawled inside and pulled the door shut behind them, both literally and metaphorically.

The sky is gray (even when it's blue), the ground is that ugly midwinter gray/brown/white color, the trees are stark, and it seems as if it will always be this way. I'm not depressed, but I easily could be.

On the other hand, I'm chuckling along listening to "The Joker" by The Steve Miller Band: Call me Maurrr-rrrice.

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