Monday, August 29, 2005

Recent searches that found me

Always a fun exercise:
  • lyrics for "filhos do tempo" (nope--but I like the song)
  • "ziggy cartoon""laid off" (nope--but I like Ziggy)
  • ian caldwell juggle (I'm currently the 10th hit for this in Google. I'm not sure Ian Caldwell juggles, but he does write books. My niece, however, writes dissertations, and juggles, but her name isn't anything close to Ian Caldwell)
  • the history of izzy miyake (nope--cripes, just...cripes)
  • IRONING HURTS UPPER BACK (yes, it does, I suppose, if you do too much of it...I don't have that particular problem)
  • treating reactive attachment disorder (I'm hit #7, after 6 medical and obviously topical sites, which is sad)
  • irony in Saki's short story "the Story Teller" (nope, I read a different author's novel called the story teller, and I know very little about Saki)
  • boy ballet punishment (wow--I have read books about boys in ballet, but there was nothing about punishment...nope, generally, my initial reaction stands: WTF??)
  • "Carmen Renee Barry" (yep, I read her book; it was good--ok?)
  • voyerism (yes, again, my typos are back to haunt me, this time however they are in the company of several sites in GREEK...?!)
  • snort cayenne migraine (uhm, I wouldn't recommend this as a cure, although it might be a cause...)
  • middle-short hair cuts (of all the hairstyle sites out there, you pick my blog to tell you how to style your hair? Oy.)
  • milwaukee dating scam (I never dated in Milwaukee. Is that the scam?)
  • "we're one but we're not the same" "Dalai Lama" (W. T. F.??? Bono is now the Dalai Lama? Oooh-kayyyy)
  • dresses ror sweet 16 (I have a son, hence no need for these. As for "ror" it popped because of this: a*m*i*t*yville ho*r*ror ... Sigh--at least it isn't a typo!)
  • teen dreams 11 (nope, just---ugh)
  • read eldest by chrstopher paolini on the net (huh? I already did, thanks)
  • easy essay on hush by jacqueline woodson (cheater, cheater, cheater! Oh, sorry, not here. Dork)
  • treatment for reactive attachment disorder (still not here)
  • pray my soul to keep spanish translate (nope--try or babelfish or Google Translate. You can't afford what I charge to translate)
  • wanda gag millions of cats full text online (nope, and y'know, just go buy the damn book or hit the public library--every damn one has a copy!)
  • kaiser call center pre-employment (nope, I don't think I'm any of these things...)

  • And the pick of the litter:
  • drug recovery and manipulation "bad attitude" (Aha! My new description for this blog! :-) hah)
I'll say it again, though it does no good : QUOTATION MARKS, PEOPLE!!

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