Monday, August 29, 2005


There are days when I wonder if shouldn't have gone to Beauty School and gotten trained to do hair. I love hairstyling. It's tragic that I have a son with a buzz cut. Oh, well.

Today, I put my hair in two pony tails, something like these this photos. Sparky told me I looked scary. Having looked at the photo on the left, I see no reason why I'm scary! Hmphh. Don't worry, I'll be showing him that picture when he gets home.

However, since my camera won't cooperate today, I can't show you how cute I look. Hint: almost as cute as the kid on the right (just older...much older...). Mind you, when I was her age, I had the famous "pixie cut." Ick.

But ponytails are really fun for happy days. There is something about this hairstyle that makes you want to flip your head around oddly and chair-dance at the drop of a hat. I'd forgotten how much attitude and hair are connected.

Just call me the female version of Samson.

Hair, yeah, that's one major reason I'm glad I'm a girl, not a boy.

[Updated 4/06 by siteowner--photo removed.]

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