Tuesday, August 30, 2005


The Beast and I are trying to take a walk in the evenings now that he's recovering and it's not blisteringly hot outside. Great, eh? It's nice to walk with him. We have a good conversation, critique houses and gardens and pets (hah), meet neighbors, and get some exercise too.

The downside is allergies. I'm allergic to corn pollen (have I mentioned that 346,000 times yet?) and fall is the worst time of year around here. In the past week I have gone through more Patanol--which, if I may say, is like cool water on a sunburn, only better!--than the whole rest of the summer combined.

It's mostly tied to being outside, because I was fine yesterday--we didn't walk Saturday night--but we did walk last night. We walked Friday night, and Saturday my eyes were sore. And so on. I think I may be allergic to my shampoo too, which is annoying. Yes, I'm switching shampoos!

What did people do before Patanol? I realized, in my mid-30s, that if I'd lived 100 years ago, I'd've been dead three or four times over from assorted maladies, including allergies. So thank the Lord for medical science!!

Blink-blink-blink. Rub-rub. I guess I'm safe to put more Patanol drops in now. Back to work.

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