Wednesday, August 17, 2005


from Amy...

1. What is the nature of the baseball cap?
See this entry. It's nylon, somewhat like parachute material, very comfortable. I haven't worn it in quite awhile.

It's pinned to the board with my Rocky Horror lips. From college.
2. What are the cartoons--will you scan them?
The one near the monitor is here. The one next to the crate on the left is here. Those are the only cartoons I have posted.
3. Is that a black & white animal on top of the crate at left? If so, what is it, and why is it there?
Still don't see any animals. I'm missing something....

Oddly enough, however, there is a white rabbit in a black hat (puppet) on the bottom shelf of that cart in the foreground. How did you know?
4. Is there anything from me in there?
Yep. In the right photo, next to the monitor is the latest CD you sent, and the card--which I never thanked you Thank You. And a shopping list with your name on it. ahem
5. This has nothing to do with the photos...but, how much time do you spend reading (or looking at) books while you're at work, for non-work reasons?
If I'm not swamped, I look at the pictures in nonfiction books on subjects that interest me. I also look through the occasional picture book, and read the blurbs on some fiction books...ok, probably 60% of the hardcover fiction books. But realistically, I can count all of that as work, since I have to know what we've got in the collection for Reference purposes. hah

When I am swamped, well, I'm lucky to get the bib records checked appropriately!
FYI--this post done to the background track of "Relax" from Frankie Goes to Hollywood. I attribute all mental errors to the infiltration into my brain of the bass in that song!

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