Saturday, August 27, 2005

NPR - Science Friday

There was a fascinating show on yesterday as Sparky and I drove home from Sam's Club. We came in late on a discussion of women in the scientific field and why there aren't as many women in academia in the sciences. I'm going to email it to my niece (the physicist).

The rest was about leeches. They are now classified as medical 'tools' and are used in microsurgery, for instance. There is a study this fall to see if they can help with osteoarthritis. If leeches actually help--the doctor doing the study says preliminary work shows that it may take as little as 4 leeches applied for 15 or so minutes to produce pain reduction for 3 months--then forget the cortisone shots, for me anyway!

I love it when Old Wives' Tales turn out to have merit...under the right protocols. I don't think leeches will cure everything. And, I won't be signed up for cupping experiments. Sorry. Ouch.

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