Saturday, August 27, 2005

Funny spam

I've just deleted a bunch (98 messages) of spam from my gmail. Some of the subject lines were too funny to pass up, though:

  • help me MTV awards in 1911 in 1826 Friends haven't seen (I seem to recall MTV first broadcasting in, oh, about 1980...)
  • GoTo in 1886 in 1911 Census Free That's definetly not you (huh?)
  • Show them teeth off (because teeth am more important than grammar)
  • Great white mouth (aaaahhhgggg......SHARK!!!)
  • Need a low mortage rate? (not from a 'bank' that can't spell mortgage--and I got it three times from three 'different people')
But the names, the names are fascinating:

  • Ariel Hendrix (sort of Mermaids-Discover-Hallucinogenic-Rock)
  • Augustus Butcher (hail, Caesar!)
  • Doctor (3 times, for pharmaceutical products like Vlahgra/Vlargra/Vlaagra and Ciatlis/Ciaflis/Ciahlis)
  • Freud (for Cialis: for people suffering from "pain, depression, or heartburn")
  • arvilla McNerney (would this not be a great name in a off-kilter romance novel?)
  • Daisy Plummer (ditto)
  • Fabian (...and here's the hero of the story)
  • Pasquale Hankins (Should this be the hero instead?)
  • Josephene Generalao (...hmmm, the evil seductress...?)
  • Goldwyn ("Mr. Goldwyn? You want to hire me for the movie based on this book?")
Oh, it's almost worth keeping these emails...but I didn't.

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