Saturday, August 27, 2005


  • Found this awhile ago...somewhere (sorry, can't remember where). It's very cool, since I'm into this walking phase. I can now program my walks and my pedometer and go nuts. [ok, some would say I'm already there...]

  • Great musical line I heard the other day: "Calm the fuck down" (“Voodoo Lady” Live)

  • And something to ponder: why are some countries the same in their native language and in English, whereas others so totally aren't? See this list if you can't think of any of one variety or another. "Hayastan"? Is "Lietuva" really that much more complicated for us that "Lithuania"?

  • There is a blog called Ge*b's Sp*inct*r. Who'da thunk. {edited by Cat., 8/28/05}

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