Friday, August 05, 2005

Friday night truths

  1. I'm very tired.
  2. I'm very proud of Sparky for figuring out Snapfish and uploading his photos tonight.
  3. I'm very ANNOYED with Sparky for losing his homework assignment.
  4. I have officially lost my sense of humor. Nothing is funny.
  5. For someone who supposedly doesn't like to cook, I sure am playing with food an awful lot tomorrow morning: home-made bread (for Communion) and Ambrosia (salad) for a picnic in the afternoon.
  6. I recataloged about 30 books (moved from Dead Deweys to Less-Dead Deweys...mostly sociology stuff) today at work, fixed a bunch of errors, answered reference questions for 4 hours and did absolutely nothing with the load of new stuff on my cart.
  7. I work Sunday. This always puts me in a bad mood.
  8. I told two squabbling coworkers to "GROW UP, BOTH OF YOU!!!" today. It was a ridiculous 3rd-grade-stupid stand-off being done at full volume at the reference desk with members of the tax-paying public looking on. I'll be paying for this comment, I'm sure.
  9. The Beast and I had a wonderfully stress-free conversation with each other about a bunch of unimportant stuff tonight. I love talking with him.
  10. I'm not as bad as I sound...
  11. ...but I'm pretty much not-great either.
  12. Then again, I've been worse. Much worse. And 'things' could be much worse.
  13. Still, I'm cranky...
  14. ...and tired.
Full circle being acheived at this point, it's time to go to bed so that I can get up early and make the, bread. Donuts, though; they sound like a great idea....too bad the nearest bakery is a 15-minute drive. And I shouldn't eat them anyway.

Good night.

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