Sunday, August 07, 2005


I use Bloglines to make keeping up with my favorite blogs easier. The problem here is twofold:
  1. I have too many 'favorites.'
  2. I currently have nearly 500 posts to catch up on, most of them in the "Library-ish" section.
When this has happened in the past (like when I've gone on vac) I've just deleted the vast majority of them. So if you're a regular reader, or a blogger who used to get comments from me, that's why I haven't been around.

And then, after I've deleted everything, I worry about what I missed. Not a lot of worry: on the worry scale (1-10), it's kind of a four, with the Beast of late ringing in at about ten.
(By the way, we had to leave yesterday's pig-roast/party early--at 6:10--because his back had had it after four hours. Sparky asked on the ride home why Dad seemed to be hurt. Sigh. Can you say just not getting a clear picture? I knew you could!)
Life is so complicated.

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