Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Because my life couldn't possibly be less chaotic...

...I've now lost my cell phone. I had it--I used it!--less than an hour ago. It's not in its holster now.


I have a bad feeling it's either been 1) run over in a parking lot; or 2) picked up by nefarious folks who are now calling Japan. Or Australia. Or Oman.


So much for getting any work done tonight. I will undoubtedly spend the next 3 hours beating myself about the head and shoulders for being so fucking stupid.


Addendum--August 10, 9:30 a.m.: Never mind. MEM, the most wonderful tech in the world (and I had been quoted saying that before this morning, mind you) discovered that my phone had ended up under my work cart somehow. I didn't see it when I moved the cart, but she noticed it and picked it up for me.

So, yeah. I guess that means I have to slow down, stop complaining, and deal with whatever reality hands me, eh?

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