Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday? (I've lost track)

  1. The Beast is home. We got home yesterday at about 1 p.m. He's on drugs, but generally feeling good, except his leg is still numb.
  2. Sparky is in the air as I type. He should land (according to these guys) about 4:40 this afternoon, so only another 7 or so hours till I see him.
  3. I had a really cool, coherent post created all ready to Publish, when my computer froze. Damn. Hadn't saved it anywhere. Oh, well.
  4. My book blog is updated. Finally, four weeks after the last time I did anything there!
  5. On the list for today:
    • Finish Blogger stuff so Beastie can pay bills online
    • Bake 'thank-you' cookies
    • Decorate house/yard for Sparky's return
    • Finish washing sheets and remake our bed
    • Clean the guinea pig cage
    • Finish watering the lawn where it didn't get soaked overnight (with the hose, not with rain...hah)
    • Take a shower
    • Pick up Sparky at the airport; the Beast is coming, probably well-drugged, because I can't stop him. sigh ;-)
So yeah, I need to get started on that stuff.

Life MAY be returning to normal. MAY. I hope.

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