Friday, July 08, 2005

It's 7:00 here. The Beast had his "procedure" this afternoon, and things were looking up for awhile. Then he ate dinner and/or got cocky, apparently, because now he's got pain again. Sigh.

So I wait. "They also serve who stand and wait," right? Only I'm sitting and waiting. Tonight I'm waiting for his primary doctor to show up on the off chance he tells The Beast to go home. [God forbid] I missed the doc's visit last night when he arrived about 8 p.m. I'll wait that long, but the nurse said she's seen him here as late as midnight. Holy shit.

I'm ... really really tired.

And I need to go home and do laundry and tidy up, because the man is probably coming home tomorrow and it would be nice to have clean sheets and a somewhat-clean living room.

Did I mention I'm realy tired?

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