Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sparky returns

Sounds like a horror movie, no? Well, ok, no.

He's home; he just hit the sheets about 10 minutes ago. I'm going to sleep pretty soon too. This has been an exhausting week. The Beast is wiped out from the drive to and from the airport, so he will be asleep inside the hour as well. Aren't we the exciting household!?

Best news, in my opinion, from Sparky's trip....the first thing he told us when we hit the car....he's in love. With a girl whose last name is the same as his. Really, seriously, in love. He was crying on the way out of the parking lot, telling us that he almost never got to sit by her or talk to her after the flight over when they sat together on the plane. He did write her a bunch of notes, two of which he actually gave her. She doesn't live too far away, so it wouldn't be impossible for them to keep in touch, if that's what they want.

There were some funny stories he told, too, about arrows and pea-catapulting. I was almost in hysterics at one point driving on the tollway.

His voice has dropped another notch. Hormones have kicked in earnestly, messing up his face and everything else. The fun has begun, his body has left anyone's control and is on autopilot.

He liked escargot and frog's legs (the latter "taste like chicken" but not very much chicken). Mussels were not a big hit, and the fish he had the first day was actually potatoes. (?) I think it was just really really cooked-to-death fish.

He brought home all the Euros he was sent with, along with more he got from an ATM.

He forgot to send any postcards, but he did buy stamps.

I love this kid.

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