Monday, July 11, 2005

I like dull

And today was dull. I...
... grocery-shopped.
... gave blood.
... went to my friend's new bookstore (which opened on Saturday) and spent $40 on books.
... dropped off and picked up Sparky at band camp.
... heard more about hormones from him, and more about the trip too.
... reminded him four or five times that "hostel" is not pronounced "hawst-ell" or "hawst-eyl. It's "hawst'l."
... took him to tighten up his glasses and to turn over 6 rolls of film for developing.
... helped him unpack. He has 6 (or 7?) Eiffel Tower keyrings in various finishes, from gold to matte silver, a pirate-sword letter opener, a blunderbuss, a catapult/pencil sharpener, 6 other keyrings, a pirate's head bank, and a bow with two broken arrows. And a lot of weird stuff.
... did laundry.
... watered, probably futilely, the arbor vitae that we just replaced, which is dying of thirst.
... didn't freak out about the state of things in my house.
... called to reschedule haircuts for Sparky and me.
... called about The Beast's next epidural.
Dull is very good.

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