Monday, June 20, 2005


So. Today was shopping day for Sparky, the Final Trip. Went to a new strip mall near The Beast's workplace, where the nearest Old Navy store is (now), and promptly spent $250 on clothes for Sparky for his trip. And about $20 on me. Then went to DSW and found a pair of sandle-y walking shoes for Sparky for $30ish (on clearance). Ate lunch at a bakery/cafe (can't remember the name), bopped to Circuit City so Sparky could plead with me to buy 1) a new GameBoy game, 2) a CD, 3) ANYTHING. Then he could pout when I said no. So a good day there, for him. ;-)

Then to Target to return a gift Sparky got for helping out at my niece's wedding, and to buy him a new earring. The one he's had in since February is...gross. So he now has two lovely (small) gold studs.

I noticed that there was a library sign:
Library Sign
on the road by the Target, so we did a detour and toured the library. I happen to know the head of Tech Svc there, and ran into her in the stacks, so I imposed on her and got an impromptu tour of her domain. I'm totally envious now.... sigh.

Then we met the Beast and saw Star Wars: ROTS, a late Father's Day gift. It was...surprisingly good. I'm not a huge fan, and I'd read reviews of the stilted diaglogue (all too true; Yoda especially was making me nuts for the first hour of the movie!), but I did like the story arc.

But beyond that rather shocking detail, I found out some great news: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe is being redone! Life action, not animated, thank God. It looks wonderful! I've actually written the opening date in my calendar. I hope they go on and redo the others as well, as long as they don't go off and be too free-and-loose with the stories. I love this series.

Now I'm going to bed. I've drafted countless diplomatic (and not-so) emails to my stupid sisters and brother over the past 24 hours, sent two of them, gotten no real answers, and I'm tired. I want the blessed release of exhaustion and relief from sunburn pain.

'Night all.

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