Saturday, September 25, 2004

Recent Searches that caused people to hit this blog

  • What Made Sting Write "Russians" (Don't know, but I like the singer and the song, if anyone cares)
  • i wanna spend the rest of my life with (Great. Go away now please)
  • Sweet Dreams are made of this/these (Multiple, multiple times: c'mon people, look at the URL--does it SAY lyrics??)
  • "sweet dreams are made up things who in the mind to disagree" and "sweet dreams are made of these who ever mind to disagree" (Wow—even I don’t hash lyrics that badly)
  • for the rest of my life [in a ?Swedish search engine] (No comment, just thought the Swedish connection was interesting)
  • Maslovian (Huh-and I thought I made that word up!)
  • he@dsh0ps in Denver (I haven't lived in Colorado for 20+ years--outta the loop, sorry. As if I was ever IN the loop)
  • Thom McAnn [coupla times] (Another shoe-obsessed person!)
  • “dogs and trash barrels” (This brought up the entry about the storm in August—not sure what you’d actually be searching for with this strategy…)
  • mood of song, "Sweet dreams are made of this” (Heh—hits on "Mood" from the beginning of every post--I sense a music theory assignment)
  • (Because Sparky misspelled "polychrome" in the spelling bee last winter and I have a gmail address; I wonder whose email this is....)
  • sensual mas**sge (Because I can’t spell, and neither can Yahoo users…and I'm not sure what I was talking about in that context anyway...) [edited by siteowner 12/04]
  • Do Me Do My Roots (Hey, it’s a book title, I can’t help it!)
  • “librarian” (Somehow they picked my blog--sorry no pics here....)
  • short pixie hairstyle (Hee hee hee hee--my mother's revenge)
  • "Help Make Blogs More Visible!" (Again, of all the sites available--about 400 at my count--why pick mine?)
  • "Thursday Next" fanart ("Art," yeah that’s all about me! Not. But, oddly enough I'm reading one of the books in the series right now...)
  • A*s*h*l*e*y F*a*u*l*k*n*e*r [twice within a day of that post] (Which is why her name now has asterisks in it on my blog)
  • Pregnancy Migraine Chiropracter (And of all the possible medical sites, you come to me? Really, folks…)
  • brooklyn tabernacle choir how great thou art soundtrack (Except, that’s a hymn, not a soundtrack. I really need to find that tape wherever I left it in my house; thanks for the reminder)
  • shawn cassidy poster (Heh, serves me right for bringing up my pre-adolescence)
  • gmailbox (Nope, not here. Try
  • a*l*a n*y*lons [twice in a day] (What is the DEAL, dude??) - [edited by siteowner 12/04]
  • spanish biscuit advertisement videos (Erk?)
  • dreams meanings of uncooked meat (Because I mentioned "Meat Loaf" the singer in one post, and uncooked food in another. This person scares me)
  • arenare family tree (Typo alert: “…slightly disconcerting if you arenare really in a hurry...” I should fix it. But I probably will forget to do it)
  • Sweet Dreams Cabins (Nope, still not here. They still sound lovely though)
  • braid extensions beader (Could you be in a wrong-er place? Nope, you couldn't be: I only braid my hair)

And my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, from yesterday:

  • amy butterfinger sex goddess

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