Tuesday, September 28, 2004

A good day to drive

Mood: Good
Hair: Pulled back on top, with short braid (uninspired, but oh well)

Listened to Annie & Dave’s greatest hits CD on my way to work — “Would I Lie to You?” Cranked up, reliving my 20s. sigh

Updated my book blog when I got to work. Amazingly, I’m down to four library books checked out, plus one I borrowed from my kid to read. Of course, two of the four I’m returning today are wa-a-a-a-ay overdue. I think I’ll enjoy the lack of books on my shelves for awhile.

Time to start actual work. Busy day today

(Did I mention that my niece bought her wedding dress on Sunday? Woo hoo! When I get the dress number, I'll post a link to the site. It's really pretty: Thank God I don't have to bite my lip and say nice things about a dress I hate.)

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