Saturday, September 25, 2004

Saturday in the...cube?

Mood: OK
Hair: Twist and clip

Up to shop at Kohl's at 7 a.m. today because it's their 70% sale. Sparky has new jeans!

He was down to something like 4 pair of pants (trousers for non-Americans...) that fit. Last night was try-on-and-toss night in his room. Get this: he got rid of about 18 T-shirts....he still has about 15 left. So he has about 5 new pairs of jeans, 3 new (long-sleeved) shirts, and 2 new pairs of shorts.

Plus I got a pair of jeans and a $4 shirt. And a pair of earrings. Shoes and earrings--I can't control myself around them, especially earrings. I probably have 70 pair. I'm the Imelda of earrings. And I wear them all (mind you, it takes some time since I've only got one hole in each ear).

And The Beast got a chain for the cross he bought at St. Paul's in July.

So everyone is happy about that. I was home by 8, so I could change clothes and leave again. Off to earn the money to pay the $180 Visa bill from this morning.

So here I am at work. With a good crew today: Librarians F and N, my favorite tech (who is doing circ today for the most part), my favorite page, the preggo circ tech, and the tech we call Speedy. No headphones today.
Did I mention I'm doing a "How To Blog" class? Uhm, can anyone out there suggest any other sites besides Blogger that would be easy to teach: they can't cost money (I'm a librarian after all, and a cheapskate--see above), they can't be insanely complicated or non-intuitive, and they can't be too HTML-y (since I'm not that good at it, really, I know you're all shocked).

We haven't actually scheduled this class. When it gets closer to actually occurring, I may be asking for volunteers of whose blogs I can show people (or non-volunteers: "PLEASE DON'T show mine!") as good examples. I promise not to cop to knowing anyone in blogland! :-)

Must. Work. Now.

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