Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Mood: headachy
Hair: braid (out)

So, things piled up last week while we waited for our new offices to be installed. I didn't get much cataloging done. And the books kept rolling in from every side (bonus points to anyone who knows what I'm paraphrasing).

Now that I have a PC and a place to work, I'm trying to find the bottom of the pile. Over the past two days I have cataloged 34 kids' fiction books, 90 kids' nf books, 3 kids' music CDs, and 5 books for the adult section. Do the math.

My cart is still full. By full, I mean out of about 175 linear inches of space in the cart, I have about 15" empty.

How can that be?

BECAUSE, with the exception of three of the non-kid books, THEY ARE ALL SKINNY BOOKS! THEY ARE ALL LESS THAN 1/2" THICK.

What's waiting on my cart?



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