Thursday, September 09, 2004

Classic response

Mood: Aside from my coworkers and my headache--fine
Hair: Blown out (currently pulled up: flash!)

Why I don't love my job: We discovered last night that our clipping file on local history re Underground Railroad has disappeared (misfiled or missing, either way it's gone). This is why we keep the originals locked up. Wonderful Librarian pulled the original file and gave them to me this morning to see about getting copies made. I put a note on them--"ASAP! :-)"--and left them on the appropriate person's desk. It's her job to do this stuff on those rare occasions when it comes up. Yes, I'm pulling rank as Head of Tech Services. No one likes this job: it's boring and ... well, just boring.

When she got here, I pointed it out to C.T. Her response: "Why can't they find someone else to do this?"

Why I do love my job: Cubes. New ink-smell. Never-ending supply of materials to catalog. Blogging is allowed. Everyday is different. Headphones on bad days in the workroom are ok. I can wear jeans and a Russell Stover "Colorado" T-shirt to work.

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