Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Recent Searches

(I've occluded some stuff, to keep more weirdos from finding me. At least with these searches.)

1. "M!tch H@wn, Colorado" (guy I knew at church when I was in high school)

2. "what does the @m!tyv!lle h0rr0r house look like today" [I dunno--I sorta think this should become my theme... I'd also like to know the answer to this query...]

3. "K0pp's custard daily schedule" [awrigghht--but I don't post that here...try this site instead]

4. "reasons to spend the rest of your life with someone" [like I should be the one to tell you this??]

5. "never love another boy for the rest of my life" [this was from the post about the song "Beautiful Boy".... somehow]

6. "Sweet Dreams Farm" [Sounds like a great

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