Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Fun times

Mood: OK
Hair: pony (new elastics, though)

So I've spent the day adding seventy-two books (all skinny kids' books, grr) to the collection and I deserve a reward. Especially since several of them were in the Chelsea House wrestling series...ick-y.

Plus I had two hours of Ref Desk work today. So I'm due, I'm definitely due.

Here's the reward: Googlism for Ouray. Kind of a fun toy.

Reward part two: I know one reader will be interested in this show at the School of the Chicago Botanic Garden. I just got an invite for a symposium about it next month. Wish I could go...

OK, back to worrying about friends' lives...er, make that cataloging.

Because the bad news is that I still have about twelve linear feet of books to catalog.

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