Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Good stuff

Mood: Great!
Hair: Braid (in)
Listening to: Bodeans "Closer to Free"

That seems to be the theme for the day: closer to free. For me, and for others.

Had a wonderful long talk with two old friends last night. (Not that they're OLD, mind fact, I'm technically older than they are...) Nice to not have history with people that extends back over twenty years and across three continents.

This morning I went to early Bible Study, confronted a "weird" passage from Luke, crawled though it and out the other side together with a good (small, though) group of people. Feels good.

Anyway. It's hard to be pissed off listening to this song. Even though the one time I met Sam and Bob (? maybe it was Kurt?) they were terribly cranky... I love this album.

Determined to finish the 18 puzzles on my cart today. That will free up a considerable amount of physical space (and psychological breathing room as well--I hate cataloging puzzles, even more than skinny books).

The phone lady is on the line (my extensions are all wrong as of our Big Move last week, or whenever it was).

Edited: Low-tech solution...all fixed. Wooo-hoooo!

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