Sunday, September 12, 2004

Not proselytizing, just organizing (hah!)

Mood: GOOD!
Hair: Barette in back, messy (it's 5:45 p.m., whaddaya want?)

So I've just updated the weekly calendar, merging my portable "PDA" (heh--I'm back to paper for the time being since my Cleo no longer functions) with the PDA software on the computer and the daily doin's board on the fridge.

Here's a slice of a very Presbyterian week: (all these are evening events except where noted)
Monday -- update worship attendance in the morning; Evangelism Committee meeting
Tuesday -- New Building prayer subcommittee meeting
Wednesday -- 6:30 a.m. Bible Study; midweek evening meal, followed by my choice of three classes (prayer, Bible Study, or current events); or I could do choir...
Thursday -- Prayer Chain revitalization meeting
Friday -- Mini-retreat (2 hours)
Saturday -- Mini-retreat (4 hours)
Sunday -- Sunday School and the new worship schedule start in the morning; highway cleanup near the new building directly after lunch; Sparky's first youth group meeting mid-afternoon (I don't have to attend that)
We Presbys love our meetings. ;-)

Now, I'm NOT saying I'll be at each and every one of these things. However, I must be at Monday's and Tuesday's meetings, and if I go to Monday's, I have to update the attendance stuff first so it's accurate. I want to do Wednesday night's stuff, and I've paid for the materials for Friday/Saturday.

So that leaves Thursday night where I haven't fully committed myself. I think I'll stay home (by the way, it's a 30-minute round-trip drive to church from my house). The Beast just walked in, read over my shoulder and harrumphed. I'm thinking we need a cot-room in the new building, for me to sleep over!

On top of all this, I've also suggested Sparky ask his home-schooled pal to go to youth group next week, after spending the night Saturday here. This is NOT the picky eater friend: he's not invited to youth group since he now lives about 45 minutes west of us in another town/school district. Thank God for small favors.

What would I do with more than one kid?

Oh, by the way, swim team starts up again in about three weeks.

And Sparky has been invited to go on an student ambassador program to Europe next year for two weeks at a cost of $4500. He is going to have to do a service project for that, as well as some fund-raisers, assuming we decide in the first place to let him go.

All of this: youth group, fund-raising, service project, swim team, PLUS homework, and my additional schoolwork that I make him do because I'm a mean Mom...

My God, he's not even a teenager yet!! And he's UNDERscheduled compared to a lot of kids. What are we doing??

(The good news is that right now he's outside playing in the sunshine and being a kid. He got all his chores this afternoon done right after lunch.)

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