Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Mood: Bored
Hair: Blown out

I'm currently doing a Placeware course (phone and online) on the new ILL resource for the state. I'm doing it with another technically literate librarian; we are both busily trying everything they show us, but have been stopped in our tracks because we don't have the Admin password. Foiled again. So I've been reading "my" blogs--the ones I try to get to every day. Now I'm blogging myself. Yawn

I found out that I'm supposed to be ironing my jeans. Huh. NOT gonna happen, to quote a famous non-sage. I hate ironed jeans: the look, the feel, the whole general concept. Ick. This is my Western-ness coming out I think. No worries if you are an ironer; just don't expect me to be doing it! :-)

Time for our official break. Wheee...what am I gonna do during the second half of this!?

WE JUST REACHED THE ILL PART of this demo. It's 11:25. We started at 9:15. Librarian H and I are now unabashedly rolling our eyes and whacking our heads, exclaiming "Shoot me now!" frequently. Thank God for mute buttons on phones...we're currently stuck on why sometimes OCLC says an institution owns an item and is a lender, but when the ILL request goes through it says that library isn't a lender.

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