Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Life is funny

Mood: Hmm, that's actually a hard question today...confused and baffled but ok, I think
Hair: 40s

This is a day of extremes, with a hefty dose of reality check thrown in just to keep me awake. I've gotten nothing done. But I have been presented with lots of eye-openers. One of which is I shouldn't be allowed to work at the circ desk anymore: I'm useless and in the way and don't have a clue about anything more complicated than checking books in or out. Although I don't think I messed up the voter registration...

Last week, in the midst of complaining about a coworker (the usual C.T.) to another coworker (Miss __[insert city name here])--always a bad policy and why can't I keep my fucking mouth shut??--it was revealed that C.T. had been on the verge of moving out to live with "a guy she met on the Internet" (you'll have to insert the shocked tone and spiteful sneer here, although I'm not sure you'll get the full drama of the event itself. Maybe think Jane Austen or Edith Wharton...) about 8 years ago.

But wait, there's more: the supervisor pulled C.T. in and read her out and told her she couldn't go: it was Christmas, the kids were home from college, and she really shouldn't do this to her husband, etc. etc. Her vacation days were unceremoniously yanked, and well, she still tells Miss ___ stuff. Cuz people are dumb.

My point(s)? Not really sure, just that my brother and his wife met online, my newly-engaged niece and her fiance met online, people need to fucking relax about the Internet...and I need to shut the fuck up (have I mentioned that?) around BOTH Miss ___ and C.T. and much of the rest of the staff here: everything I say can and will be used to incriminate me and everyone else in the world. This place, for all its good points, is frequently like a dysfunctional family invented by passive-aggressives.

So my mantra this week is SHUT UP and POSITIVE ATTITUDE (which is another entirely different story).

I'm mulling this over today for multiple reasons. It's quiet-ish today: C.T. is off on Wednesdays, thank God, and Miss __ is on vacation with two other coworkers. I'm still getting nothing done, work-wise. But it's quiet. Imagine that, in a library. In spite of 4 story-hours, it's still quiet. Trust me, that's pretty amazing around here.

Because those three people are on vac, I'm covering a lot of hours of desk time. Someday I'll rant on this whole thing with this Gang of Three and their vac planning at work, but not today. It's too quiet to complain! I'm grateful for that at least.

I started today with Bible Study (lectionary) at 6:30, and I'm going to church for dinner and another round of Bible Study (Gospel of John) afterwards. This morning was all about the Samaritan woman with 5 husbands, currently living with a man who is not her husband (HINT: giant, messed-up, disaster area, radioactive-sinner in every possible way) at the well. Tonight is John, chapter one. My main question, written in caps in my study guide last night as consciousness faded: "WHY IS THIS SO COMPLICATED??"

Hah. Maybe THAT should be my mantra.

And in the middle it's been quite weird. Just...weird. (see above, Mood)

Today is a half-day of school. Why, on a Wednesday? Who knows. I totally forgot to make any work arrangements or even to discuss it with The Beast. BUT he has graciously volunteered to leave work at noonish to be home with Sparky after school. I'm, again, grateful that The Beast is (as I have been saying often lately) A Good Boy.

Oy. Ain't it disgusting?

Should I attempt to get a couple hours' work done? Naah, I'm currently in the children's room (great: no school, PLUS a story hour!), and the next hour I'm at circ again. God help us all.

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