Saturday, July 10, 2004

Sore feet, Relays, Housewarming-->TIRED

Mood: Whupped
Hair: Wet and clean

I'm going to bed as soon as I blog. This is my reward for being a good adult today...

Up at 5 to check the Dolphin hotline. Yep, the meet is still on. So I dress and wake up Sparky who somehow gets his swim trunks on the right way with his eyes half-open.

We're on our way to the grocery store for Krispy Kremes and grapes [for breakfast] and then to the pool by 5:45. I help set up the food-for-volunteers tent. In the mist. The grass areas are waterlogged, slippery and muddy. Whee. It could be a fun day!

Call The Beast at 7--and wake him up--to tell him that Sparky races early: Event 6. So he needs to get crackin'.

I head to the Bullpen at 7:30 for my 3-hour shift. Pay attention: that's important. After a slightly rocky start, we moms get ourselves sorted out. It's a little rougher than normal because all the events are relays, which means 3-4 kids per lane instead of just one. Chaos reigns when the 6-11 age groups are around. Although, honestly? The 12-14s aren't a lot better.

At 10:20 I go watch Sparky's race and discover that the "3-hour shift" was actually taken as a commitment to do the whole meet. I'm too flabbergasted to speak. Well, no actually, I think I did say, "Well, that's just totally not very honest or fair." But since I was really enjoying myself, I dutifully went back to work. With the other 5 moms who were doing the same thing...

Anyway. Sparky raced at 8:15, 10:20 and 12:15. His team did NOT COME IN LAST ONCE! They also didn't come in first, or anywhere in the top three in any race. But he did ok. I guess. :-)

I was on my feet from 5:45 until about 12:30 straight. I have a not-too-bad burn on the tops of my shoulders and collarbone area, and a tan-line (faint though it may be for anyone without milky white skin!) on my feet. Hurrah.

Came home, ate something. I literally crashed out for two hours while the boys finished spreading the mulch that was delivered yesterday. Then we went to our friends' housewarming party. Home by 7:30, where we realized that the VCR was recording the wrong channel for The Amazing Race. So we only caught the last half. Rats.

My. Feet. Hurt. I'm tired. Good night.

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