Friday, July 09, 2004

For a fun time...

...or not...
I just updated our Dewey books according to the changes made since DDC22 came out last year. The reason I even thought of it is that I discovered that Iraq isn't current (shock and awe for sure!). And it actually still is wrong, as of the beginning of this month. Ugh. The minutiae that is my job.

I've also realized that I will be here over the weekend pulling strings together so I don't leave my work area under a heap of miscellanea for two weeks. It gets trashed over a weekend, with people leaving 'questions' for me all over. Imagine what it will look like after 2 weeks!!

The good news is I get to go home in 15 minutes. But first I have to police the kids' room for awhile longer. Pretty easy duty today, now that the downpour has stopped outside.

Happy weekend all.

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