Friday, July 09, 2004


Mood: Good
Hair: the 40s look (barrette, etc.)
Listening to: Sam Phillips Martinis & Bikinis

As I was typing in the last entry, my "boys" showed up.

First, let me say that I spent last night from 4:30 until almost 9 at the pool, for another swim meet. Forgot to bring cooler, non-work clothes to change into, but that's ok. By the end, everyone was wrapped in blankets and sweatshirts. The swimmers were blue. (OK, some were painted blue, but anyway....)

The Beast was only able to see one of Sparky's races, then he had a meeting at church.
ASIDE: Before he left, he actually fell asleep waiting for Sparky's race to start. He dozed for about 5 minutes before I woke him up. Yes, he's tired. Yes, he desperately needs a vacation from his life...
Sparky upped to four races this meet. He came in dead last in every one, but he didn't seem to care.

So, fast forward through the rest of last night and this morning (I'll get to it someday, if I have time)...

Sparky & The Beast appeared behind me here at work. I turned to find Sparky with THREE ribbons for the races last night. He actually somehow won first place in the 50 m backstroke! Everyone else must have DQ'd, because he was definitely the last one out of the water. He got third for 200 m medley relay, and fifth for 50 m freestyle. Mind you, that would make him LAST, since there were only three and five lanes in use, respectively, for those two races. I don't think he's figured that out. I'm not telling him! He's so proud.

And I'm a proud mama.

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