Thursday, July 08, 2004


Mood: Good (tired)
Hair: Air-dried, with gel (pretty scary-looking)
Listening to: "We'll Be Together" Sting (10:15 AM)

If it weren't for the video, this song would be as creepy as "Every Breath You Take." What is it that he feels (felt) the need to write such stalk-y songs? However, the visuals have overridden the words in this case, because I really do get the giggles whenever I hear him singing, "Call. Me."

Listening to: "Russians" Sting (10:30 AM)

Did he just write this? Oh, no, cuz he mentions Reagan, but what to make of this?
    "There is no historical precedent
    To put the words in the mouth of the President
    There's no such thing as a winnable war
    It's a lie that we don't believe anymore"
How prescient. Or maybe we've just gone backwards. Or never moved at all.

Listening to: "La Cucaracha" Kumbia Kings (11:00 AM)
Pretty funny. On top of the humor in the original. ROFL. Not sure if they meant it to be so hilarious, though.

Listening to: All Mixed Up Kumbia Kings (11:35 AM)
Good title for this album, but can someone explain the differences between all these mixes:
    Kranium Mix
    Hip Hop Version (ok I think I actually understand that one)
    Dance Mix
    Ol' Skool Mix
    Menudo Mix
    Butta Mix
    Booty Mix (I understand the name and concept, but it's not very booty-ish.)
    Borrashhho Mix (Three H's. Really. And more booty-ish than the last one.)
    Merengue Mix (Understand the concept here, too. And it's really a Merengue, altho' somewhat faster than I would expect to do any merengue-ing!!)
    Miami Bounce Mix (Got this too--I think.)
Don't really think I'll be listening to these guys again: "Only bitches drink for free." Indeed. Again, I suspect the humor here is totally unintentional; I smell a lot of testosterone...

Listening to: Anthology Ray Charles (12:00 noon)
Clearing my palate. eccchhh
Even has an antidote to the three version of "La Cucaracha" in "Let's Go Get Stoned," possibly the most elegant elegy on the subject.

[45-minute commiseration about death of siblings with coworker...]

Lunch. Late.

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