Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Home again home again jiggedy jig

Got a call about 2 hours ago from a church friend inviting us to the concert in the Square tonight. I told him I doubted we'd be there.

Because....tonight we finally get to watch The Amazing Race. We had to watch World Poker Tour last night (well, plus TAR was on too late for Sparky to watch: 8:30-10). And I will begin making packing lists.

Aside from which, our feelings about our church are kind of .... um, bad right now. We really need to make some decisions for Sparky's sake because he supposedly starts confirmation this fall. But that's an entirely different blog entry.

Anyway, I'm going home. To find something to eat. Salad? Chicken-something. Shees, I really hate cooking. I need a household cook.

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