Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Mood: OK
Hair: shorter than yesterday, blown-out

My life at work, when I'm not cataloging books. Like this week. Notice the careful alphabetization:

Check “where do I find….?” Handout [ONGOING]

Demand orders [WEEKLY]


Fixing UKM records [TIME PERMITTING]

Go through DDC22 checking numbers against what we have on the shelf; eventually I will have to move all the wrong ones [ONGOING]

Go through reserves [SEMI-MONTHLY]

Keep a handle on continuations (with JF) [ONGOING]

Keep a handle on the Telecourse tapes [ONGOING]

Keep track of Cataloging Maintenance Requests [ONGOING]

Move biographies (have not done this systematically, just moving things around when a new bio on someone arrives) [ONGOING AND TIME PERMITTING]

Original cataloging [MONTHLY]

Run list of fake books and add analytics (Vera job?) [TIME PERMITTING]

Update “New Books” list on NIC [MONTHLY]

Update “Upcoming” lists from LJ Online [MONTHLY]

World War II recat [TIME PERMITTING]
Just so everyone is clear that I'm OCD, this list is duplicated on my hard drive arranged by classification (e.g. [MONTHLY]).

I call this--inside my head--my If I Get Bored HA HA HA List.

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