Thursday, July 08, 2004

Kronos Quartet

I've been trying to listen to "Night Prayers for the past half hour. It's too weird for me, at least at this time of day.

What I've done today:
1. Moved the Dewey numbers, by tens primarily, from ICode1=1 to ICode1=the first two numbers in the call number. So 343 would be ICode1=34. I don't have to do it manually. Just in chunks. I've gotten through the 400s. Since 10 a.m. (5 hours ago).

2. Meanwhile, I'm cruising through the 900s looking for dead Dewey numbers. As a special favor for two other librarians here who are doing a grant of some kind. ?? My head and eyes really hurt after looking solidly at the computer for 3 hours.
I have to go to the local retirement center now and 'splain to them where to get books, and how to decide what to throw away. In 40 minutes. Yeah, right.

Then I'm off to a swim meet, where I will be volunteering for...something. I never signed up, so they will assign me something. Hope I know what to do!

Is there a hat I don't wear?

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