Monday, June 21, 2004


Mood: OK
Hair: Hmm, not sure...pulled back and messy. I probably look like a sloven.

It's Monday.

It's raining.

Sparky is at camp this week.

I have stuff I should be doing around the house:
    **cleaning out Sparkyy's closet, primarily sorting clothes that don't fit into the hand-me-down pile
    **moving his furniture so we can paint and wallpaper his room while he's gone (yes we are doing a kind-of While You Were Out to his room)
    **finding an opaque projector so we can trace his chosen design onto the wall
    **cleaning up the kitchen after two days of minor-league company (two nieces and one boyfriend-of-niece) and food prep detritus
    **washing sheets (see above parenthetical explanation)
Instead I'm blogging.

We're going out of town for a long weekend next weekend, picking up Sparky on the way. I need to get organized for that, too.

And I really should get accommodations in England sorted out, but now one of my nieces (NOT one who was here this weekend--that would make life too simple!) has decided to possibly hitch with us for a few nights. Which means I can't settle rooms unless I know for sure what she's doing. grrrww

Instead, I'm blogging.

Except, not anymore. Now I'm feeling too guilty to blog. hah

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