Saturday, June 19, 2004

Cracking up

Just checked over my site stats (it's mid-afternoon breaktime)...

Someone found my site by searching for a guy I went to church with 20 years ago, mentioned by me...oooh, let's see...about 2 months ago. Fascinating.

I also think it's pretty weird that prime viewing time is Wednesday from 1-2 pm Central Time. Guess Wednesdays are the day I need to be sure to post all the juicy tidbits. Or maybe I already do post the juicy bits on Weds....purely by happenstance.

Whatever. I've done what seems like 100 DVDs in the last two hours. Pretty mindless stuff. I have green teeth from eating week-old cake (well, it's the frosting that's green, but I think the cake may need to be tossed too, preservatives or no). Anyone know which song that reminds me of? Must find a copy of that on CD....

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