Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I love my job! I love vacations, too!

Mood: Good
Hair: Big clip up
Listening to: "My" mix CD, created by Amy (she is a goddess!); currently finishing Van Halen's "Love Walks In"

Anyway, it's so wonderful having a full complement of staff here today again. I've only had to cover a public desk for an hour today. Which is good, since one of the pages just told me awhile ago that I have green teeth (victim of cake frosting)!

I've done nothing this afternoon but original-catalog activity kits and clean up the "Weird Stuff" box. My cart is empty, although Box Lady is unpacking as fast as she can. Well, of course there was that long email I excerpted here before...and some other email.

The full list of what's waiting to be cataloged today:
    America Kit (Intermediate)
    Down on the Farm Kit (Preschool)
    Tristan and the Hispanic (book)
    The Turquoise Toad Mystery (book)
    Dyslexia (book)
    Kate (book)
    The House of the Seven Gables (book)
    Ya Los Conoces! (CD)
    Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking (CD)
    *Keeping Love Alive (book/CD set)
    *Keeping Love Alive (book/cassette set)
    *The Marriage Breakthrough (4-video set)
    *Fire Your Shrink! (book on cassette)
    *=donated by M!chelle We!ner-Dav!s herself
(I'm omitting the shelf of original cataloging that needs doing because I'm still hoping they'll show up in OCLC soon. If they aren't there by Friday, though, I may just do them all myself.)

I can do that in 2 hours with time left over.


The vacation news is that I sent out emails to hotels last night to get started booking places to stay. We are going to be POOR when we come home! Oh, well. I'm feeling very much like the grasshopper, having spent much of my life doing the ant thing. How boring! I'm hoping for rain tonight, which will ensure the cancellation of the boy's Little League game. Then I can -- in good conscience -- stay home and pick hotel rooms.


Back to the kits...

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