Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Can I just say...

Mood: OK, considering
Hair: Braid (no, not brain, as I typed first) in

Nuts week:
--The Beast out of town.
--Sparky having drama about swim team ("I suck!!" "Today was fun!" 24 hours apart).
--9000% humidity.
--4 billion mosquitoes, and every one of them lives within 5 miles of this town.
--Party Saturday at my house. (If you want directions, email me. The entire world is invited!!)
--People still on vacation at work.
--Cataloging meeting next week (Who is the chair? How long do I have to do this??)
--Elderly woman down the street from my mom had her house broken into and was sexually assaulted. Mom flipping out a bit.
--Car rental for vacation? Hotel reservations?? hah make me laugh

HENCE: No Blogging. I'll be checking in with everyone elses' as I have time, but I don't even have time to meme! ...I have updated my book blog... Count that as one in my favor.

Hasta luego.

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