Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Mood: OK
Hair: Down & curled

Right before supper last night I got one of 'those' headaches, the kind that double you up and make you cry. I missed the Little League game (not that I minded that!) I spent the evening feeling sorry for myself, watched a little mindless TV (Biography Channel's Drew Barrymore bio and Clean Sweep on TLC), took a shower... It was the longest game of the season, which they won 13-7 against the team they lost to in a Slaughter-Rule ending last month. Sparky, of course, didn't swing once. He did get on base with a walk, but I can't remember if he scored or not.

So after 2 Tylenol and 3 ibruprofen in about 3 hours, I finally crashed when they got home. Slept lousy. Woke up with the gremlin still hiding out behind my eyes, waiting. Just waiting. Which means I started the day with 2 prophylactic Tylenol, and 3 hours later am ready for 3 ibuprofen. I don't feel that bad. Yet.

I think I'm allergic to listening to the 9/11 Hearings...

Yep, it definitely got worse when I typed that. So back to the Demand Order and maybe an early departure from work today.

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