Friday, June 11, 2004

I'm back (briefly)

Mood: Great
Hair: Curled, but I flashed, so now it's clipped up till I get cooled off

They've published the Olympics coverage schedule.

Imagine--70 hours per day of Olympics! For TWO WEEKS. Maybe I'll be able to watch ALL the competitions I like, not the ones I'm supposed to like, according to the talking heads.

Imagine--70 hours per day that are not all about Ronald Reagan, Savior of the Universe.

I sense a major orgy of scheduling, taping and gorging on watching people sweat in my future. Something to look forward to AFTER vacation. Woo hah.

(And if I want to start early, I can watch the team trials every weekend for the next 8 weeks. I may not watch the water polo...)


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