Thursday, May 13, 2004

Fifteen reasons I love my kid

His giggles. Even at age 11, we can still get him going.
He's still sweet when he's asleep. But then I doubt that will ever change.
He likes the Eagles and Queen. And most of the rest of his parents 'boring' music.
He's very focused--when he wants to be.
He never met a person he couldn't figure out how to talk to (he's definitely his dad's kid). And people like him (ditto).
He loves me. Even after I've spent the day being crabby and horrible to him.
He's smart. Really smart. Scarily smart.
He's not at all afraid to be a dork sometimes.
He tries so hard to make us happy.
He isn't 2 anymore. Or 3.
He isn't 13 yet.
He loves books (he's definitely my kid). He reads cereal boxes (ditto).
He can entertain himself.
He likes hugs. And he still tolerates kisses from family members.
He eats veggies and will try almost any food placed in front of him.

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