Thursday, May 13, 2004


What is going on?? I can't get FS to load. Are they down? Ack--it feels as if someone just unplugged my PC, which for all intents and purposes they did as I can't get in to compile records. I've been saving up all day to do this huge stack.

And I just inappropriately forwarded a message with some personal stuff in it. I'm feeling very fuckwitted (thanks Robert) and useless. Maybe I should just go home...

...oh, wait, I can't. Of course not; this is a 15-hour day. I have to pick the boy up at 4:30 from his field trip and then we're all going to a minor league baseball game tonight. In the rain, possibily. Sound fun? No, not to me either.

And the naproxen is wearing off, along with my typing skills.

Isn't it Friday yet?!

(Sorry again--you know why)

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