Friday, July 10, 2009


So I Facebooked a link to this video:

I find it hysterical, primarily because I've been to Russia and this kind of get-together is normal...until I recognized the song.

Holy cow, these people know Britney Spears?? I'm ROFLing all day thinking about it.

And then I get slapped down because it's, apparently, demeaning to old people.

WTF? It is? OK, maybe, but could this person's timing have possibly been worse? As if I'm not aware that we all get old? I think it's awesome that people "of a certain age" are rocking out and having a blast and singing...Britney-fucking-Spears.

Some people...I'm telling ya, I know it's been a rough couple of weeks for the person who smacked me up, but, yeah, of course, MY last couple of weeks has been so DAMN MUCH FUN.

I actually think it's kind of demeaning to think that old people aren't insanely goofy sometimes. And, in this case, I'd think they were pretty well lubricated too.

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