Friday, February 13, 2009

What the...??

Yeah, I'm still alive, though feeling terribly frazzled. I'm ODing on Facebook, specifically BubbleTown, have signed up for Twitter (email me if you want to know my 'name' there), and

Sparky's birthday was earlier this month. He's now officially 16. No license yet: not enough hours of driving experience, and not enough months on the permit. It'll be another month or two before he'll go do the licensing.

Beast has had a rocky couple of weeks. His company is (basically) doing a massive reorg, 2/3 of his work-group is being laid off, and his job is changing a great deal. He now has a company car (delivered today) know what that means, right? He and the other employees are still hanging fire a little because of some corporate stuff that is thoroughly beyond anyone's control at this point. Aside from the economy, I mean.

My laptop is still dead. Looks like I may lose a chunk of my data. That's a big pain. (duh) sigh...

The kicker is that I can't seem to stop myself from eating everything in sight, especially the stuff that's bad for me. We do have the WiiFit here now, but haven't had a chance to set it up or start using it. Yes, life is that stupid: we have a video game that is sitting in its box gathering dust.

I'm thinking about Poetry Month already, several weeks early. I'm thinking about what to plant in a small garden this spring, and have charted planting dates. I'm thinking about other ways to save some money 'just in case.' Mostly, though, I seem to be thinking about sleep. Winter is like that, no?

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