Friday, January 23, 2009


  • My current Fb status:
#@&$ skinny kids' books ... Hate. Them.
  • An email I sent today:
Here is one of those s.h. that I hate….there isn’t one for Mardi Gras in LCSH. We’re supposed to use "Carnival." I’ve updated the Google Doc and imported the Authority Record so we have X-refs. I only see a handful of incorrect headings in [our catalog] right now. Can everyone check and fix those they own?
  • A Fb conversation (private) with a subject heading that contains the words "bl0w j0b" has 34 discrete messages between me and a BFF (female). Only the first one or two messages have to do with the act in the heading (ahem). This one certainly doesn't:
I am neither Celine Dion's husband (have I mentioned that my dad likes the way she "sings"?) nor Woody Allen {gag} {shudder} {barf}.

I knew. I was just teasing you, in direct violation of a direct order from Doc L. (which is, creepily, my dad's nickname. {gag} {shudder} {barf}.)
  • As I was swearing at the children's librarian in my head about buying all the picture books from my childhood 30 years ago (instead of NEW BOOKS!), the song "Drop Down Dead" (The Housemartins) came on. I'd post the lyrics, but there is an internet ban on all Housemartin lyrics. For some reason.
  • And one of our neighbors passed away yesterday.
  • All in all not a fabulous morning. I have an hour on the Reference desk this afternoon. That should be fun. {choke}

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