Monday, October 13, 2008

What financial crisis?

Mood: A little frustrated
Hair: Outward-facing French braid
Eyes: Tired (once I post this, I'm done on the computer for awhile)
Listening to: Sparky play a game he borrowed from someone
So yesterday I spent $600 on tickets for Sparky and me to fly to Colorado and rent a car for Veteran's Day weekend--which is 5 days long for both of us. That's actually not a bad price, which is why I went ahead and did it: tickets to ANYwhere for less than $190 apiece are rare.

Then within half an hour of that online purchase, I spent another $100 on dishes to be shipped to the house since our local Target refuses to stock more than three of each piece at a time.

I've spent almost $100 on groceries et al. yesterday and today for FIL and us, plus the gas it took to drive all over looking for cubed cheese for FIL (apparently the town between our house and his place doesn't use it, since none of the three four stores I went to had it).

Sigh. The petty frustrations of life in America. I bought some blocks of Sharp Cheddar, brought them home and cubed them myself. Hope he's ok with that! :-)

My brother broke down and emailed me directly yesterday. Pays to ask directed questions, I guess, even if all I got was a 10-word reply: "On vacation.......GO SEE MOM! No plans yet for me."

I'm going to go read until it's time to play Red Riding Hood with Grandpa's groceries.

Urban Word:
mis-wave: To return a wave to someone you think is waving at you, but is actually waving to the person behind you. Usually results in embarrassment and introversion.

I mis-wave so often that people probably think I have a major tic.

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