Monday, October 27, 2008


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Hair: It was braided tight yesterday, so today's pony looks a little wild
Eyes: Dry and tired
Listening to: The carbonation in my can of DDP
So. FIL came over yesterday to watch the Browns game, which we got because we have Season Ticket or whatever from DirecTV (yes, it's expensive--and yes, we use it every week). The game wasn't televised locally, and since FIL is a Browns fan Beast suggested he come over and watch.

Just at the end of the game we started having brown-outs and complete power failures. I should mention that it was very windy. Clearly, a branch was on a line somewhere and when the wind blew just right, it was goofing with the electricity. This went on for 45 minutes or so and then cleared up. The wind stopped blowing so hard.

Beast left with FIL to take him back home. About 8, the power went completely out. I called Beast to tell him the garage door wouldn't open when he returned, and got out the oil lamp. There was a banked fire in the fireplace and I had lit several candles during the dimming earlier so it wasn't pitch dark like it was a couple of weeks ago when this happened. I'd also refilled the lamp after that experience, so there was no real worry that we'd run out of light. The electric company informed us that the repair was estimated to take as long as 24 hours, so we made plans for piling on blankets and waking up to cell phone alarms.

All for naught: the lights came back on at 11:30 or so.

Life in the 'country' is so much fun.

Urban Word:
October Surprise: When, in a last minute effort to become re-elected, a political figure happens upon a bit of "lucky coincidence."

It's a sad state of affairs that I'm actually anticipating some politicans to appear this week with October Surprises. How cynical we have become.

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