Thursday, October 02, 2008


OK, I loathe the concept of Sarah Palin as Vice President. I'm not backing down from that.

But I'm loving the fact that the words she uses and her pronunciation of them sound like the people with whom I grew up. I hate her nicey-nice voice, and I hate that she's not answering questions and doing a lot of talking in circles, but she sounds like my peeps!

I think all you East Coasty snobs should shut the fuck up, for a fuckin' change, since that's what all this campaign seems to be about this year: Change. One of the Achilles' heel of we liberals is our tendency towards looking down our noses, and it bites us in the ass regularly (see 2004 campaign, specifically the perception of John Kerry). People out west don't talk like people in DC or New York (thank GOD for that!). We talk like Sarah Palin. Does that mean we're fuckheads? Of course not. Does talking "right" mean you aren't a fucktard? Of course not--though that's more debateable.

I pronounce my harrd rr's. I frequently 'lose' my 'g' at the end of 'ing' words. We smile a lot. We use homespun sayings, and words like "goll" instead of "God!" and ALWAYS prounounce 'your' like it's spelled "yr." And yes, we do bless each other's hearts--and we know what that "rilly" means when we do it, too. [I am pretty sure most Manhattanites think it's pretty sweet.]

Making fun of Sarah Palin for the way she talks is PRECISELY the same as Republicans denigrating Obama by saying he is Muslim.

Stick to the issues, please.

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